Monday, 6 May 2013

Travelling across Europe - always a lot of fun!

Here we are again! Following  a long period of silence...These past few months have been quite intense.  Travelling to fashion shows in Italy and France, meeting with new suppliers...A lot of fun.

In February, we visited the ''Super'' Event at Pitti, in Milan.  The things that I loved the most were shoes (of course!!!) and accessories.  And we also met, the new company/brand we're going to work with - Gazel.  They offer a ''total look'' and I particularly like their colourful style. ;-)

This is just a preview of their next winter collection.

Gazel's accessories.

And some of the innovative shoes as seen at the fashion event.

What do you think about those heels? 

Back to Gazel.  Their summer collection should be in shortly so... Stay tuned. ;-)

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Till soon.
Sis&SiS Italia